The New Job.

So I’m 3 weeks into the new job and am finally out of learning the theory and I’ve been let loose on practicing the practical element of the job! Dealing with the customers over the phone to resolve their card based fraud issues.

I have to say it is pretty interesting speaking to the different customers every call and often hearing stories.. even when I don’t need to! But that’s all part of the job and providing a good experience for them, something I do quite enjoy. My department primarily works in preventing fraud, so we detect fraudulent trends and then put temporary restrictions on cards matching these trends until we can verify the transactions as genuine with the cardholder. More often than not there hasn’t been any fraud but we do catch fraud worryingly often, often rather large amounts, not all of it we’ve caught..

It’s quite a fun job anyway, and I get to sit down all day, so what’s not to like?
ALTHOUGH! The other day I went into work early so I could buy myself a nice full english breakfast before my shift but after I had placed all but the beans onto my plate I noticed something. Something absolutely dreadful. Something that shook me to my very core.

THERE WEREN’T ANY FUCKING BEANS. NO BEANS! NO BEANS! NO FUCKING BEANS! NO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL BEANS! I was outraged. My breakfast ruined by the lack of liquidy tomato sauce to moisten it up, I had to settle for a couple of sachets of ketchup to moisten it up. I won’t be returning for breakfast anytime soon…

I did go once before, when they had beans, and I have to say for £3.75 (including a drink) it is pretty fantastic. Well worth it.

Tom. x

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Busy Busy Busy.

Normally when I say I haven’t blogged because I’ve been busy I’m just completely lying and actually I’m normally just incredibly lazy, this time however there’s actually been a hell of a lot going on in my life! In the space of 3 weeks I will have started a new job, moved flat and ran a marathon! Hence the silence on here.

My new job is going absolutely fantastically. I’m picking up the knowledge pretty quickly and everyone seems lovely (most people anyway) I just can’t wait to be signed off and independent taking my own calls! Soon though!

Moving flat, although hardwork, has been absolutely fantastic. Hard work mainly because of the letting agency and getting the lease for the property signed. The letting agency prefers those in full time employment and already made a faff out of David being a Student. But! If you want to sign a lease for a property you have to do this between 10am and 4pm on Monday-Friday. When the majority of people who work full time, will be working??? So I had one opportunity to sign the lease and she told me to come back another time. The next time I was free for their ridiculous opening hours was a month down the line. Luckily a different lady to the incredibly rude woman I was dealing with offered to help and took the time to go through it with me.

The issue is that in Edinburgh letting agencies know that they can find a new tenant within 5 minutes so they don’t give a shit because they don’t have to give a shit. Hence why the prices are so high and the quality of property and service often so low. It’s a shame really but I have to applaud the economic system, I could bore you with the details of why it’s actually good, but I don’t want to bore you.

The new flat, our new home, is actually fantastic and I have to say I couldn’t be happier than I am right now. Good stable job, stable relationship, nice little flat in a reasonably nice part of Edinburgh (ignoring the druggies a few doors down – they got raided by the police over the weekend)

I’m loving life. Only took me a year after leaving sixth form, but I’m loving it.

AND YES! In 6 days time I’ll be running a marathon. 26.2 miles for Cancer Research UK. Needless to say I’m going to die. So if you could pls sponsor me that would be very much appreciated.


Tom. X

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Last weekend David and I headed back down to England for the weekend. We were going to see years and years in Manchester on the Saturday night which of course conveniently fell in with seeing family for the weekend.

We set off from Edinburgh early Friday morning at around 7am. Bear in mind I was incredibly ill with a severe cold/flu and David had only finished work at 3am, it was a less than pleasent 5 hour car journey.

Sidenote – WHY ISNT THERE A SINGLE 24 HOUR PHARMACY IN ALL OF EDINBURGH? ITS A CAPITAL CITY! Bolton, the town where I grew up, has at least 2..

The first stop was Southport to see David’s mum and Sister, all pretty standard saying hello to family.. very uneventful but it is a fact of life and something that can’t be avoided. After that I headed into Manchester to see my mum at work and also drop off a collection bucket for my London Marathon Fundraising (yes you can donate too!)

We stayed at my sisters new home in Leigh and the following morning we were all due to meet for breakfast at a Cafe, around 11:30. My sister, David and I were the furthest from the Cafe, and yet we arrived first, and everyone else turned up 30 minutes late and then typically family chaos ensued when some of them wanted to change table, and them someone didnt actually order any breakfast. It was chaos and its exactly what I least like about doing any sort of event with my family. They’re terrible at organising themselves.

Luckily I made it through the day without snapping and David and I headed back into the centre of Manchester to watch the glorious years and years, supported by Nimmo (average) and MØ (Very good)

Live music and Crowds isn’t really my thing, mainly because I’m not exactly tall so I can’t really see much, but I have to say that Years and Years live were absolutely fantastic and I didn’t quite appreciate the ability of their lead singer Olly Alexander until I saw him live. It was amazing. Anyone who is a fan should definitely try and get tickets for the next tour, whenever that may be, I’ll definitely be going again!

(Sidenote – if anyone has Troye Sivan tickets for the Glasgow show they don’t want I’ll have them) – Longshot I know

Mine and David’s first mini trip away was right after my Exams last year and we went to Blackpool for a couple of days, and on the Sunday morning we were up early for a day out at Blackpool pleasure beach, which was fab, sadly the fun was spoiled by the need to drive 5 hours home that evening.

BUT! The next day was my First as an employee of RBS back up in Edinburgh.. Something I’ll be telling you about Tomorrow (probably tomorrow anyway)

Tom. X

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A couple weeks back my Dad came to visit, for the second time since I’ve been in Edinburgh. I’ve given him some stick for what he did to my family with the affair and the way he treated my mum and then my sister and I but now I think he’s realised how much of a prick he was and he’s trying to make up for it in some way with putting the effort in to come up and see David and I in Edinburgh, it’s appreciated and I think our relationship is getting stronger because of it. However, when he was here a couple weeks ago he talked about how its all worked out and now everyone is much much happier. Which to be fair is 100% true. Mum is definitely happier with her new boyfriend Gary, I’m just as happy, Vic is just as happy and I think he’s happier.

He said that when the kids weren’t around my mum and him would sit in absolute silence because they had nothing more to talk about. Which is fair enough and I completely understand where he’s coming from, but the way he went about trying to fix it was the 100% wrong thing to do, not just the affair but what he did after the affair, as I’m sure I’ve written about before on here..

He said that the fact we’re all happier now was the plan and that he had to play the bad guy so that we could all be happy, I immediately told him to shut up, although things are better and the marriage should probably have ended, if what he’s saying is correct, it could’ve been in a much nicer way.

David’s grandparents also flew over from Germany for a week last month, it was certainly nice to meet them and to be welcomed into the family by them. I think they liked me, sadly I was working for most of the time they were here so I didn’t see too much of them so there isn’t much of a story to share!


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10 Months Later.

I knew probably 2 or 3 years ago, if not before then, that University wasn’t for me. Going to the prestigious private school that I did this was a shock to 90% of the the pupils there who didn’t understand that there were other ways to survive in this world without going to university and getting a degree. But putting all that aside, around about 10 months ago I left Bolton School Sixth Form and started working full time.

There are times when I look at people I know in University and part of me wishes I had their life, but then I remember all the rest of the stuff I would absolutely loathe about being at University. It’s just not for me. So, 10 months after leaving education, where am I? Rather annoyingly I have fell into the stereotype of working full time at McDonalds in a horrendous yellow t-shirt. It’s depressing. Luckily though I start my new job in 2 weeks and I’ll be wearing a suit and everything will be fab (I keep saying fab out loud. I’m worried that I’m becoming obviously gay)

But tonight David has gone out with his friends from work leaving me with some time alone to think, and a friend from college and scouts messaged me tonight to ask about how I was and how Edinburgh is treating me etc. etc. which made me reminisce about home and school and everyone I used to know and the people I used to be so close to but now barely speak to. It’s strange how people can drift into your life and get so close and know virtually everything about you and your deepest darkest secrets and yet they will quickly disappear for no particular reason, it’s sad.

It inspired me to text a few of my old friends and then we reminisced about good times and funny moments. It made me realise how much fun I did have when I was back home, not to say that I want to move back, but I did enjoy it very much and I made some great friends who sadly I don’t see very much of, I’ll try to change that.

Tom. X

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I’m sure you all remember the story of how I ended up back at McDonalds as a crew member right?
Long story short, I was the victim of Fraud.

During the process of looking for other jobs I applied for a customer service representative at RBS and I was invited to interview, sadly when I rang up to book my interview slot they’d all been filled (I rang up literally 5 minutes after I got the e-mail)

The recruitment assistant on the other end of the phone pointed me towards a similar role however. “Financial Crime Associate” and I had an interview for it last month.

I got the job! Hallejuiah! An actual real proper fucking job. I get to wear a suit and commute to an office, and I’m salaried, none of this paid by the hour bullshit anymore. I’m an adult now! (Sort of)

Since it’s working for a bank there were obviously plenty of background screening checks I had to go through, all of which I passed and I officially start on the 4th April, in just 3 and a half weeks time! All very exciting.

During the interview they asked the question what first hand experience and knowledge I have of fraud, I of course immediately told them the tale of how I ended up in that very interview room, I’d rang the very call centre I was applying to be working in only a month earlier!
If I’m perfectly honest I dont know entirely what my duties and responsibilities will be in detail, so as much as I’d like to go on and on about how excited I am for this new start, I am currently unable to.. But don’t you worry, as soon as I have the details, I’ll let you know! Well, I’ll let you know everything I’m allowed to anyway, I’m assuming there’ll be some sort of confidentiality policy for some of my work given the nature of it.

Tom. x

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Back on Track?

So over the last week or two my mind has been a little fucked. I met a guy and we instantly hit it off, it was as if we’d known each other for years and then I realised that I had developed feelings for this person and to be perfectly honest it completely fucked me over. Coupled with the fact that I was already a little overwhelmed by moving in with David it made me doubt my relationship with him and made me feel like I needed space from him. I didn’t really know what I was doing, what I wanted, or what I was going to do. So I made the rather rash and ridiculous decision of wanting to move out into my own place and distancing myself from everyone while I figured out what the fuck I was doing. But, long story short after some thinking on my own, and plenty of alcohol and many tears, I knew that I needed to live with David, he gets me, he knows me, he loves me, I know him, I understand him, I love him. No one else. That’s the way it’s going to be, and the flats I had arranged to view on my own, we’re now looking at together.

Tom. x

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Soundtrack to my week.

Being northern and ‘common’ I often shout ‘TUUUUUUNNNNEEEEE’ whenever I hear a song I particularly like, much to my flatmates’ bemusement.

Each week it tends to be a different song, and I love sharing it with other people. So every week I’m gonna post a different song that has had me singing/raving along all week.

Here’s the first..

It came on while I was back in Manchester visiting my family and was out ‘clubbing’ with a few people from work, and it absolutely made my week.

Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008 (Klaas Vocal Edit)

Tom. X



To be honest I’m struggling with things to write about on here.

I got the job at McDs and I have an interview at RBS tomorrow for a job that starts in a few months time. Things are definitely looking up. But thats less than 40 words and pretty much sums up everything major that’s changed in my life over the last 2 weeks since I last blogged.

Quite a few people contacted me and have said that this blog is fantastic and they love reading it and that I should do it more and one person even said I could make a career out of it, someone else said I should publish my own book… Although I am incredibly grateful for your kind words, I rarely find a topic that I can really talk about and write blog posts about enough to make this into any sort of a viable stream of income, and I don’t particularly want it to. This is always something I’ve done purely out of enjoyment rather than anything else. But, to start my enjoyment I am going to blog more, I promise.

Tom. x

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Looking Up..


Things are looking slightly better here in Edinburgh. I’ve just had a quick interview at the Local McDonalds with a view to starting there if possible, since its closer and easier than the Pizza hut job.. But in even better news I passed a phone interview for a ‘Financial Crime Associate’  position at RBS which means I now have a face-to-face interview on the 8th Feb with a Start date of the 25th April should I be successful, and a very decent salary too. Ultimately I need a job before 25th April.. and whichever way I do that I’m going to mess someone about whilst only working with them for a couple months, therefore the job I’m already trained for at McDonalds seems the most appropriate option, if I even get the RBS job that is!

Also, David and I have always talked about travelling and seeing the sights of the world. So we’ve bought a little notepad to keep track of everywhere we want to go and everything we want to see. A sort of bucketlist if you willl..

So yeah, things are looking a little better and my life is getting back on track.
I’ll keep you posted!

Tom. X

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Ups and Downs

I’ve  been living in Edinburgh with David for just over 3 weeks now. Things with him and I couldn’t be better. We’re still getting on fantastically and I treasure every moment I spend with him, however I wish I could say my whole life was in such good shape.

When I finally got a job offer which enabled me to shift my life 200 miles north to Edinburgh, I was over the moon, I’d got a very decent job in a growing company with very decent pay at a city centre office. Sadly, it turned out it was to good to be true and it was a scam, they were simply impersonating a genuine company.

I was contacted via Jobsite/Indeed/Reed or one of the many jobseeking websites I applied for 100s of jobs via. From there I had a phone interview and did a little background research on the company. Everything checked out, right down to their genuine registered company number.. So when I was referred to a third party company to complete a background check I didn’t think anything of it (Perhaps I should’ve done). I paid for my background check to be completed and they even provided a false certificate which I forwarded to my contact at the company who said he would be in touch soon regarding starting date etc. etc.

He never made contact, and only after I moved to Edinburgh did I realise the whole thing was a scam to steal hundredes of job seekers money. From the looks of it I was not the only one affected by this scam. I felt completely vulnerable and beaten for the second time in my life. There was absolutely nothing I could do. Not only had I lost £99 but I had £500 worth of Monthly bills to cover, with no Job.

I very quickly began searching for alternatives and was snapped up by a Company which specialised in face to face marketing in shopping centres, high streets, etc. etc.

Yes. I became one of those charity fundraisers who hound everyone when they’re out and about. But, its commission only, they tell you that within a year you can be a “Manager” earning £100k+ a year, which to be fair I don’t doubt. But sadly I’m not in the financial situation to earn very very very little for the immediate future before seeing any reward so I was forced to take an alternative position as a trainee manager at a Pizza Hut Delivery store just outside Edinburgh. I’ve worked 2 days there now and to be honest I can’t say I’m sold on it. Infact I’m still looking for something else, but it’s the best I’ve got for now.

What’s most disappointing is that I left McDonalds as Shift Manager with the intention of leaving the Customer Service, Fast food business and getting a “real” job, with normal hours. But I’ve just gone further away from that “dream” and I feel like I’ve just downgraded. I’ve failed.

I’m relying on my parents and my student boyfriend to support me financially. I don’t doubt moving in with David, I just doubt myself for not seeing it was a potential scam and paying for the background check.How fucking stupid am I?

But hey, we’re here. If anyone reading this is in Edinburgh and is in a position to offer me a half decent job, even if it’s in Customer Service/Fast food, please drop us a message.

Tom. x

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I’m currently in Edinburgh for a couple days and as I dropped david off at Uni I just picked up my phone to turn off Google maps, as I did, I saw an email.. “Contract of Employment”

They were offering me the job! It’s official! I’m moving to fucking Edinburgh! Words can not describe how excited and happy I was at that moment but also how frustrating it was that I couldn’t go mental telling anyone about it because I was in the car on my own and I couldn’t text anyone until it was safe of course. But I now officially have a job in Edinburgh starting in the new year. I’ll be leaving McDonalds after exactly 23 Months.

I’ll post a little longer blog soon but for now I’m just so excited I need to tell everyone

Tom. X

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